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Caitlin's Story (thanks for sharing!)

Melody slips into her favorite faded jeans, a little snug but oh so cute, and surveys her reflection in the mirror on the back of her door, her sequined flats twinkling beneath the fold of those perfect denim pants, her back pockets highlighting her curves just the right way, her subtle tan lines peeking out from under her maroon tank top and polka dot cardigan, her chestnut hair cascading over her shoulders, her face framed by its strands. Tonight she must look perfect: tonight she will steal him back. She reaches for her phone, her lifeline, the source of vital contact information and friends’ advice in case of emergency. At the chime of the doorbell, Melody races through the hall, out the door, down the steps, across the yard, and into Leah’s car. They drive straight to Jacob’s house. Of course. These girls don’t want to waste any time, for they’re hoping that Alex is already there, that she is in her usually party mode, that Jacob is getting annoyed by her whiny demands, that Leah can cause a scene to distract Alex, and that Melody will swoop in and show Jacob what he’s been missing. In theory, this plan is simple; in execution, it is quite tricky. So nervous is Melody that she walks right through the open door and shuts it in Leah’s face. Where is that boy? Her heart leaps, and pounds, and lurches, and sinks as she spots Jacob, then Alex as he releases her from an embrace. And in that moment, standing there, alone, gawking at her former love and this new blonde chick, although she had planned to crush their happiness, inserting herself into their relationship and worming her way back into Jacob’s heart, Melody realizes her chance is gone, she will never hold him again; she accepts his newfound bliss and walks away.