Literature Circle Resources

Discussion Tips

  • Ask meaningful questions (Layers 2 & 3) that encourage a deep discussion about the text.
  • Share connections to the text--personal connections, connections to other texts, connections to current issues or to societal issues or problems (BIG IDEAS).
  • Keep taking it back to the book. Don't let your discussion wander too far from the book.
  • Piggyback on others' comments. Don't just "answer" questions, but have a back-and-forth discussion.
  • Agree or disagree with others' ideas by adding your own thoughts about issues. But, disagree in a nice way!
  • Jump in multiple threads of conversation so that you're CONTINUALLY adding to conversation or listening (reading) to what others have to say.
    • Etherpad allows you to have multiple conversations going at one time by posting topics/questions and putting a space between each.
    • Don't wait for someone to respond to what you've just written. Jump to another thread and then come back later, or start a new thread.
    • Enhance your literature circle discussion with both face-to-face discussion and online discussions!
  • Stay focused on the discussion. Don't be distracted by other groups or other tasks that draw you away from discussion.

Quarter 1 Lit Circles

Book 1:

  1. Names Will Never Hurt Me: Alan, Vincent, Dianira, Breanna
  2. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: Aaron, Stacey, Jennifer, Zane
  3. Shattering Glass: Hannah, Shelby, Chance G, , Jaimie
  4. Among the Hidden: Clint, Roberto, Oscar
  5. The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch: Steven, Weston, Cody, Chris
  6. Last Shot: Chance R., Roxanne, Matt W.
  7. Missing: Erika, Haley, Josh W., Kandace