avatar.pngDownload the Quarter 2 calendar to keep track of what we're doing in class, what you need to have read before coming to class, and when projects & exams are scheduled.

To help you prepare for the multiple-choice exams, download the PDF doc below to see vocabulary words and literary terms you should know for each exam.

Mon., 11/30
  1. Hand back comparative analysis rough drafts for revision. Final draft due Friday.
  2. Define Vocabulary 3
  3. Fishbowl Discussion: The Awakening ch. 15-27
Wednesday, 12/2
  1. Independent Reading/Journaling time
  2. Review Vocab 3
  3. Fishbowl Discussion: The Awakening ch. 28-39 (the rest of the book!)
Friday, 12/4
  1. Timed M.C. quiz on The Awakening
  2. Vocabulary Quiz 3
  3. Turn in Revised Comparative Analysis Essay
  4. Independent Reading/Writing time
  5. Group Activity: Test Review for Quote test of The Awakening
Tuesday, 12/8
  1. Timed A.P. M.C. Quiz
  2. In-Class: Complete Book Review Assignment on equivalence of 5 books read this semester.
  3. Turn in Journal for The Awakening.
Thursday, 12/10
  1. Quote Test: The Awakening
  2. Review Rhetorical Devices for Semester Exam
Monday, 12/14
  1. Review for Semester Exams
  2. End of Course Evaluation & Reflection
Wednesday, 12/16
Semester Exam

Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday!