Goal: Create a digital presentation that conveys your team's analysis of a selected print advertisement.

  • Explain the author's purpose and the claims the author makes.
  • Select the key evidence (diction, details/imagery, figurative language) that conveys the purpose.
  • Identify the tone of the advertisement.

Project Documents:

Publish your final production below!

  • Include the first names of all team members.
  • Embed your VoiceThread.

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  • Join the conversation by...
    • agreeing or disagreeing with a particular analysis,
    • adding your own ideas to expand the analysis,
    • sharing a similar or different association to a particular piece of evidence,
    • pointing out a piece of evidence not discussed in presentation,
    • offering a different interpretation of the ad,
    • commenting on the quality of the presentation itself,
    • offering suggestions for improvement.

Team 1: Terran, Mollie, MIke

Team 2: Chelsea, Rebbecca, Tayler, Rachel

Team 3: Meagan, Bailey, Destiny

Team 4: Sam, Loey, Katherine

Team 5: Taylor, Katie, Emily, Caitlin

Team 6:

Team 7: Breanna, Ashley