Review Subordination and Coordination

  • Take 25-Question Quiz on Coordination

    • To send me your results, take a screen shot and email me the pic.
      • After taking the quiz, click the button to "Submit Answers for Grading." Use your Prt Sc (Print Screen) button on your keyboard to copy what you're viewing on the screen. I need to see the box in the right-hand corner that displays your score.
      • Open up PowerPoint and paste the screen shot (Ctrl + V on keyboard) into a blank slide.
      • Right-click on the image and scroll down to Save As Picture. Save the file in a location you can find it easily--perhaps on the desktop.
      • Open up your gmail, and attach the saved image. Email the image to <bhscafe19[at]gmail[dot]com with "Coordination Quiz" as the Subject.
  • Take 25-Question Quizon Subordination

    • Repeat above steps to email me a screen shot of your results.

Review Comma Rules

Which vs. Who/Whom vs. That

  • Rule

    • Add the 3 RULES given here to your writer's journal.
  • You practice.

    • Take the QUIZ to practice.

Tuesday, Jan. 20/Wednesday, Jan. 21

Active/Passive Voice